Tu Pattaya's Timeline


Thong Thavorn Industry Ltd – Dr. Thavorn Pornprapa donated around 565 Rai of land to Thammasat University


A master plan to develop the university was set up
The University Council of Thammasat established “Innovation College”


A master plan to develop the university was set up


The University received a budget amount of 30 million baht to build a training center and botanical gardenThe University built a sala dome on Matoom Hill, other infrastructure, and the Local Government Training Building    – Launched 2 graduate programs:             
1) Master of Technology Management, Innovation College           
2) Community Development, Faculty of Social Science


Thammasat University has a policy for the development and promotion of the TU Pattaya Campus as a training center for innovation and governance. Promoting awareness of rights and responsibilities in integrated local development. Considering the dimensions of economic, social, political, environmental and lifestyle aspects of the people.


Launched  2 undergraduate programs         
1) Automotive Engineering (English Program)           
2) Software Engineering, in order to meet the needs of the automotive industry.


Building a new lecture building (completion scheduled for 2018) to support the master plan of the Thammasat University,  Pattaya Campus


  • Revised Master Plan
  • Preparation of teaching and learning to be consistent with the development of the EEC